There are two Sunday’s Cool classes, one for the pre-school age children and one for the 5-11 year olds.

The lessons are age-appropriate and based on same themes that are explored that week with the adult congregation.  Christian understanding of the bible is created through readings, stories, play, games, crafts, prayer, song and exercises.  Sessions are led by current and past Sunday’s Cool parents who bring their own experiences, interests and skills to bear.  We try to combine sponsoring the growth of faith with a bit of fun, so the kids feel positive about coming to church with you.

Our expectation is that parents will help settle in new, younger children by accompanying them to Sunday’s Cool.  Older children and those already familiar with play group and school structures and disciplines should be left, allowing you to participate with the adult congregation.

We have no expectations of your existing level of Christian knowledge of parents or children coming along.  We all start somewhere!