St John's Mission 2013

St John’s had a chequered past with finances and over the last 6 years the focus has been on bringing the church onto a stable financial footing.

St John’s is now at a crossroads, both literally and figuratively. It encompasses a diverse community and is visually (at least) a prominent part of this community. A PCC away day reviewed where we are and what we need to do now to move St John’s forward.

Our previous vision at st John’s has been focused on Money, Money, Money.

The ‘New’ Vision – Mission, Management, Money

We exist to worship and give glory to God. We will be a dynamic, hospitable, growing church, welcoming everyone. Where all ages can grow in faith and receive spiritual support and where we use all our resources and talents for loving service to the community, locally and globally

Priorities for 2013

  1. Promoting an active lively church, friendly and welcoming in an environment which is well cared for and suitable for its users
  2. Promoting love in the community and an awareness of the needs of others, particularly in respect to responsive pastoral care
  3. Promoting a church which reaches out to the wider parish supplying the spiritual and pastoral needs of the people where they are
  4. Developing our communications to existing and potential members
    Giving generously to the Common Fund and to Charity

5 year plan