The Church has 2 halls and a committee room for hire, with the premises licensed for music and dancing.  The venue includes a newly installed kitchen, separate access to each of the halls, cloakrooms and facilities for the less able.  Halls are suitable for wedding celebrations, parties, stage productions, rehearsals, meetings, exhibitions, polling station, blood donor centre etc. Dimensions are approximations.

Main Hall  19m x 10m (excluding stage).  Various seating plans can be accommodated e.g theatre, cabaret, rectangle.  Capacity (up to 200 people) is limited by seating arrangements.

Stage (main hall) 8.5m x 4.5m

Small Hall 11m x 8.5m Various seating plans can be accommodated e.g theatre, cabaret, rectangle. Capacity is limited by seating layout.

Committee Room 10m x 4.5m Suitable for small group meetings or as dressing rooms when hiring the main hall and stage. Capacity 20 people (boardroom layout). There are serving hatches from the kitchen.

Kitchen 5m x 2.5m

For full details, please contact Theodora Diamandi, the Parish & Facilities Administrator via the Parish Office on 020 8886 0847, or contact us here

Please Note the Parish Office is open weekdays (except Thursdays) between 10am to 12noon.