Fete Schedule – Saturday 4th July

12:00 Fete Opening – David Burrowes MP

12:15 Bake Off – Paper vote

12:30 Competition Results:

      • Children’s Jam Jar Decoration
      • Bake Off
      • Fancy dress

13:00 Strings – Hazelwood School (indoors)

13.20    Wind Band – Hazelwood School (indoors)

13.30    Head in the Clouds Band – Hazelwood School (indoors)

13.45    HazeSamba – Hazelwood School (outdoors)

14.00    Cohons Group Beat

14:15 Organ Recital by Douglas

             Boxers (outdoors)

14:45 St Johns Players (indoors)

15:45 Apple Watch For a Penny Draw & raffle

16:00 Fete Close – Fr Stephen

Interesting Fact

The oldest almost-complete manuscript of the Bible still existing is the Codex Vaticanus, dating from the first half of the 4th century, now held in the Vatican library.

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